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Keter Emma 8-Piece Lounge Set Graphite, 2 Chairs + 2 Sofa + 1 Table with Chest Function + 4 Seat Covers

● The Emma Lounge Set is made from high-quality plastic (100% polypropylene), which is particularly robust and UV-resistant and weather-resistant.
● 2 armchairs + 2 sofa + 1 table with storage box function + 4 seat cushions
● Thanks to the ergonomic backrests of the armchair and the sofa, you sit comfortably and gentle on the back.
● The included seat cushions ensure further comfort: they are made from a cotton/polyester blend and are easy to clean.
● With minimal maintenance requirements, the furniture is extremely durable and can be left outdoors all year round. It is enough to occasionally treat the surfaces with a mild detergent and a brush. Even with long outdoor use, the plastic retains its colours without fading